Alone vs Loneliness 

Our past-lessons in disguise/experiential teacher. Assuming, one pays attention/expends awareness and mostly is willing to learn/evolve into their modified self. 

It is my experience that we can learn a lot from loss/grief. Loss of jobs/career. Loss of relationships/marriage. Loss of material things/property. Loss of our children growing into adulthood/leaving and leading their lives. Loss of loved ones dying/experiencing our own vulnerability/brink of mortality. Loss of attention/affection/“love”. 

It seems, at times, we all find ourselves “alone”. Alone with ourselves/our being/naked in our being/vulnerable/fragile. It is here that one can get stuck in a critical thinking/self pity/self hate/self absorption/self 

confusion and “needy”.  When we allow self to remain here, the loneliness is extremely painful.  However, we have the capacity to go beyond/sit in awareness of what is but not attach ourselves to those thoughts/feels/not identify self from that temporary perspective. 

Don’t take me wrong, loneliness/the need to be ‘healed’ from pain of loneliness is severe but it merely allows one to relate to the world around from a ‘needy’ way/from ‘I want’ or ‘I need’/it involves looking to others to “fix” the pain (doctors/friends/lovers/family/addictions/etc). 

So choose your path wisely. The way you respond to your situation/relate to others will have a direct effect/affect/impact on what you get back/each action has a reaction. 

Now, I value my “alone” time. In that quite/alone time, I feed my soul/I discover the complexities of my being/I get answers to questions I have failed to ask/I love myself/I understand how interconnected everything/everyone is. Mostly, I now that I wish to be the best version of myself each day I wake up.



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