About Me & My Website

I Am…

To introduce myself would be misleading…

I am beyond what I Think & Other’s Think of Me.

I am beyond what I Know/Learned/Roles I Played.

I am beyond the ‘Self Identity’ Created & Projected (thus far).

I am beyond The Labels & Categories & Systems I have experienced.

To introduce myself, please understand;

I am a Curious Mind.

I Desire to Explore & Experience —Life & Living.

I am an Observer of My Life.

I am an Investigator of My Thoughts & Beliefs & Behaviours.

I am a cavity filled with a Loving Heart & Compassion.

I am the Intricate Dance on the full Spectrum of Emotions.

My intentions Embrace The Darkness & The Light Within Myself.

I am more than My Thoughts.

I am more than Your Thoughts/Perceptions of Who I Am.

I Am All that I Was & I Am & I Shall Be.

I am a Story…One Soul’s Journey within My Moments in Life.

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Hello Friends,

I invite you to journey with me through some of My Moments in Life. 

My intentions are rather simple:

* Investigate & Challenge & Rewrite my own Thoughts & Beliefs (& by extension Yours). 

* Explore & Experience   ‘Self  @Play ‘  & ‘Self-Expression’ through:  

  • Poetry 
  • Bite-Size Poetry 
  • Stories Shared 
  • Arts / Photography 
  • Plus More. 

* Explore My Voice & to give a ‘Voice’ to issues /thoughts/beliefs/feelings that demand to be expressed & explored & discussed. 

* Shine Light on Vulnerability (as Viewed within our culture) & ReDefine it as The Strength & Power & Courage it is and contains. 

* In truth, to ‘Agitate’ (Trigger) Myself & You to Feel— Feelings through Raising Awareness & Honouring Oneself through Healing (vs Distractions/Suppression/Ignorance/Numbness). 

* Mostly though, to ReMind Myself & You of the Beauty Within;

  • I Am Love & Lovable. 
  • I Am Light & Lighthouse. 
  • I Am Worth & Worthy. 
  • I Am Beauty & Beautiful. 
  • I Am Strong & Strength. 
  • I Am Power & Powerful. 


I am not your teacher/healer/export & it is not my intention to present answers & solutions to any of the thoughts & feelings shared.  I am humble enough to know, I do not have the solutions to much of what I wish to share & explore with you.  My Thoughts Evolve Through Learning & Moments in Life. 

Intentionally, I am not setting up Expectations & Vision & Agenda for Myself & You (& Forum).  I do imagine, together we will Learn & Redefine & Rewrite & Rewire Ourselves. You see, together, through Connection, Compassionately ‘we’ Heal. 

Please, consider, all content to contain a Trigger Warning (Pain/Emotions/Trauma/Survival/Struggles/Healing). 

I, Trust, in The Greater Good within Myself & You & Beyond. 

Hugs, -Hon


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