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Is Life Rushing Past You!?

Let’s Slow down time.  Simple, Stop Rushing through Your Life!

Allow, the Moments in Life to linger on.

Listen to Hear.

Taste to allow your tase buds time to absorb the yumminess they hold.

Touch to Sense the vibration of its source.

Think to Reflect on the words/sounds of the words/what you feel as you hear the words/what your intention is when you speak your words/how it effects & affects the receiver.  Question your thoughts & your belief systems/Does it hold true for you now within the context of your current insights and knowledge and lessons of your current perceptions; Or, Do they reflect what you accepted as true within what you were taught and told by others; Or, Do they reflect your lack of confidence to stand up and speak up for what you believe to be true and right; Or, out of the fear of having to deal with confrontation or conflict or being judged by others or established rules guiding conformity?

Be Curious.  Ponder.  What is the source? How was something made? Notice, how you may enjoy things different when prepared for you by someone (a meal/cup of tea/an art piece/song/pottery hand-made or jewelry made by someone?  Notice, when you eat fresh food grown and bought at a farmer’s market without the chemicals/commercial storage factor?  Notice, your enjoyment level when something is gifted to you with love and care?  Appreciate-the Joy and inner love you feel as you enjoy life’s simple but meaningful moments.  These moments let us see and feel-the Reflection of the person gifting us the gift (term used broadly) meal/tea/product/service when they are done with their “love” and caring intention.  Notice, the connection and the mirror-reflection of You within the Other/the caring parts of you and the compassionate parts?

Within these Moments in Life, we are Connected to One Another.  Looking back and reflecting on your life, these are the moments that stand out as profound and memorable.  Yet, we rush through Life and these Moments-thinking:  We must Do/Produce/Accomplish/Check-off things off our To Do List. We Defer, “taking” the time/Being in the Moment/Enjoying is placed upon future goals and deferred to the Future (I will feel good when I Do or I will enjoy myself when I get this or accomplish that.  I am not Judging. I have spent much of my life rushing through life/one thing onto the next thing.  Now, I understand the ‘survival’ skills playing my unconscious beliefs.  Equally, I now know, I have missed out on many life’s moments in my own ‘doing’.  Much of my past life feels like a ‘blur’ and I hold onto some of these bits of memory with much joy. Perhaps, if I lived my life with an intention to slow things down, I would have more memories of my children growing up and by extension, they would have been more imprinted with good memories.  Life teaches one lessons, at times too late to relive parts of their past & respect these moments more. My hope, I can live my future moment more mindful of their beauty.


Let’s be more mindful of each and every moment.

Let’s not wait till our last breath to speak of regrets.

Let’s redefine words like ‘strong’ & ‘productive’ & ‘contributing’ & ‘cooperative’ & ‘caring’ from a corporate context to soulful existence.


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