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Good Morning Friends,

Let’s explore, the landscape of “Blurred Lines”.

Blurred Lines, the grayish space in-between The Extremes/The Spectrum of All Things:

Knowing-True Knowing or Deep Knowing






You  ‘Know”, the in-between space of Being & Perceiving:





The stuff our Thoughts Build ‘Our’ Beliefs=Beliefs that Build our Concepts & Structures & Systems & Institutions=The Concepts that Create “Norms”=Way of Associating Self on the very Spectrum=The Blurred Lines (in between).

Within our Human Nature; these ‘Blurred Lines’ are Lost/Not Seen/Not Respected as the very place One Develops.  It seems easier, to take sides/build little systems of  ‘support’ (term used vaguely here, could be looked in terms of self-growth or to remain as  ‘is’; the  Victim of Life/Circumstances and seeking validation for  the story we tell).    Within our Human Nature, the main goal seems to be Survival.  Survival of  The Self/The Family/The Community or System(s) one perceives self   Belonging to.

Survival & Survival Strategies & Survival Mechanisms clearly vary from one to another (and from System to System).   The underlying goal though:

Avoid Pain/Minimize Pain/Decrease Pain/ Minimize the Possible Potential for Pain.

So, this is the part—Individually & Collectively  Seeking The “Good” in efforts to avoid/minimize Pain.   The endless pursuit to find Antidote for:

  • Pain
  • Hate
  • Rejection
  • Abundance
  • Loneliness
  • Despair
  • Hopelessness
  • Helplessness

Endless Struggle in Suffering in the very Pursuit of  The Antidote!?

Within this Pursuit,  Hope   ‘drives’ our motivations & our   ‘motivation’  Polarizes our Thoughts/Beliefs & Behaviours.

Our Endless Efforts logically became Polarized.  As our efforts, tend to be  ‘external’ to Ourselves. The Other(s)/Them/They/Experts are Seeked/Valued/Respected/Heard/Adhered to/Followed (after all, the core of our educations has been Listen/Do/Follow/Obey/Belong to this or that System).

Most of  Us (Self included), spend a lifetime Experimenting within this context of External Efforts to Secure Survival of Self.   Trial & Error;  Hopes to  Find/Secure/Experience & Feel Safety & The Solution to Suffering.

Yet,  I (would imagine a lot of us) & despite this noble efforts remain “Stuck” within the pain we desperately try to avoid.    As such, we internalize these external efforts as a confirmation that ‘we’ are Broken/Dysfunctional/wear our diagnosis as a badge & identity/Unworthy/Unlovable, etc.    After all, we were taught-Every Problem has a Solution/there is ‘medication for pain’.   The never ending loop of Despair & Suffering.   All these  ‘Failed’ efforts Create Patterns=Build Habits=our Personality ‘solidifies’.  Merely, getting ‘stuck’ in Regrets/Disappointments of Self & Others.   Trying to ‘accept’ the concept of “This is who I am” &  Give-up our Inner Power for Self-Determination & Self-Healing.

Friends, stay with me for another moment.

The Moment One Gives-Up ‘their’ Power for Self-Determination & Self-Healing one remains Stuck/Stuck in the Pain/Stuck in the ‘Story’ one tells themselves to ‘Justify’ themselves/their thoughts/their beliefs & their actions.  This is the part that gives strength to our developed Personality (also referred to as the Ego or Self-Image).    The progression is smooth/unnoticed/rarely or difficult to realize but powerful enough to solidify that which one was taught by ‘Others’ & Shaped by our past experiences (Rewards & Punishments within our lives).

As such, it makes ‘sense’  one is ‘stuck’ as this space is what is Known/Comfortable & Comfortable within the predictability of pain.   Difficult to Change!?

So, here is a Thing:

Yes,  ‘Working’ through one’s Information(s) Systems &  Behaviour Patterns/Habits/Reactions  & Emotions (Emotional Mess of Emotions) requires:

  • Intention (Conscious Intention/Moment after Moment/Day after Day)
  • Choice (Choosing the Blurred Lines over the Polarized Perspectives)
  • Choosing Self (Being/Taking Up Space/Using One’s Voice/Redefining Thoughts & Beliefs & Past Conditioning)
  • Courage to Move Self Beyond the Fear(s). Yes, Fear holds one back/creates barriers/segregates/separates one from Healing!
  • Feeling All Feelings (the Full Spectrum)
  • Time (Dedicating Time for Self/Self Journey)
  • Energy (Respect the Need for Rest as it is Exhausting)
  • Trust the Process/Trust that this work is for one’s Greater Benefit & Greater Benefit of Others

Friends, The Blurred Lines offer one’s life Dimension & Depth.

Dimension & Depth of One’s Thoughts & Feelings LEADS One to the very Basic Inner-Truth:

To Be Love!

To Be Loved!

To Love!


Love is the Antidote to Pain!

Love Offers Healing!

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