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I am a Storyteller…Yes.  I Am.

Couple months ago, I had a moment when I felt this feeling based knowing wash over me;

I realized that I Am a Storyteller.  You see, I never knew I had a story to share or a worthy story to share.  An awareness that my poems & stories & picture/picture play are expressions of the story.  Feeling an unexpected ‘awe’ of the moment; I also realized, the ‘Voice’ I have ‘Found’ or perhaps more accurately gave permission to ‘Speak’.

I am a storyteller not because I feel ‘Qualified’ to write/share stories.  Certainly, I have no formal training nor certificates of ‘Worth’ assigning me the designations of being a writer/poet or storyteller.  I am a storyteller for merely having a ‘story’ and a desire to share and intention to utilize the past moments in my life (stories) for my greatest healing food and by extension anyone accepting my invite to join me on my journey.

I am a storyteller for I allow the stories to ‘Flow’ through my very Being and ripple out into the unknown pool of potential healing for Other’s.

Words & Thoughts/Stories & Poems & Photography are some of the ways, I am Experiencing/Learning & Unlearning & Expressing my Healing Journey.

Only three years ago, I wrote my first poem.  The next two years of writing poetry was somewhat unconscious in my experience.  Meaning, I would write (typically lengthy piece) and have no conscious/cognitive knowing of what I had written.  Confusing to experience self-write and being disconnected from the experience of writing. Reading and processing having been the Voice/Storyteller and witnessing my own Thoughts & Feelings stablishing & Building ‘Connections’ between my Moments in Life/The Story and The Feelings in a Contemplative Way.

Initially, the poems & stories were merely a whisper asking permission (needing an invite) to be written/documented.  Whispers against the Fear of Exploring & Writing & Sharing.  Over the past few years, the whispers became a louder inner voice.  Now, The Inner-Screams are demanding to be written (even at 3:00 am when I wish to sleep instead, the screams to write are too loud to ignore, lol).


Give Yourself a Permission-Slip to Hear Your Inner-Voice and to Express It’s Essence in whichever way it feels most comfortable.  Begin where You are vs Judging the Whimpers WithIN as it may have been a while since you too let yourself Hear Your Heart Speaking.


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