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It’s been only about 2/3 years of
My Desire to
What music I Enjoy!?
You see,
I spent my life,
Listening to songs/music & attending concerts other’s enjoyed.
My lack of self knowing allowed other’s to Choose music played and inner need not to create waves/make other’s Happy did not offer me an opportunity to Learn/Discover/Know/Connect to Music.
Inner Dis-Connect did not offer me the benefits of ‘Hearing’ & Experiencing Sound & Feeling Sounds Vibrating Within my Body.
Over the past year,
I have been quite passionate about music/exploring artists and variety of sounds gaining great benefits (healing & movements benefits).
I discovered,
I love exploring this within my life!
Especially, a fan of live music (concerts/mostly, intimate ventures Vs large scale productions).
Fav being open mics where one is exploded to variety re artists/sounds/undiscovered gems/supporting local artists/witnessing courage on display. Being a Witness/Observer of Perfection IN Imperfection!
Grateful for these Moments in my life.
I must admit,
It’s difficult for me to label what music I like as I can listen/enjoy/appreciate everything from classical/sound baths & Healing/folk/rock/alternative/heavy/rap, etc.
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