Stories Shared:  Natural Order in Chaos

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Stories Shared:  Natural Order in Chaos


I admit, I was a great ‘Student’ of what I was being taught.   


It seems, humanity has an inherent obvious obsession with Words. Please do not misunderstand, I do as well.


I look at words.  I sound them out.  I listen for the sound they emit.  I watch the effect & affect they have. I feel the feelings they emit.  I vibrate to the energy they create within me.  


Individually & Collectively, we assign words with meanings & accept the definitions as valid fact without questioning and judging their validity.  Words offer common concepts and an important starting point for sure; however, we stop reshaping them/their definitions/their meanings as we learn/mature/evolve and worse, we assume we know the feelings when we have only learned their definitions.  


Within such narrow context and placing all things into Categories.  We busy ourselves with Organizing and Labelling.   Forgoing the Process to Learn & Unlearn/Question/Evaluate/Critique. 


Worse, we stop Being Curious.  Accepting Things as they are/appear to be & 

The habitual ways of relating to words tends to limit our Curiosity.  Curiosity being the seed of Imagination. Imagination being the root of Awe.  


Being busy with Order, we attempt to Control.   Our need for Order & Control Creates Compulsion.  Compulsion Compounding our need to Organize/Categorize & Label.  Within this context, we assign moral and righteous meanings/value and worth.  While forgetting, at some point, someone other than ‘ourselves’ established the ‘Knowledge’  and in the context of their understanding/insights/knowledge & knowing made Judgements to assign meaning & labels to the Word(s).  


In the quest for Order, we give up our Inner-Power.  Inner-Power to Be Curious & Question All Things.  A Collective Acceptance ‘suggests’ that Order is the Goal.  


The Words became Synonyms with Labels & Judgements (Good vs Bad/White vs Black/Worth vs Unworthy/Smart vs Stupid or Uneducated/etc).  Words used as Tools to Ensure ‘Order’ &  

Segregating All Things (One from Another/One Country or Culture from Another/One Race from Another/One ‘religion’ from Another/etc).  Words became Empowered to Identify & Isolate & Ignore those ‘Outside the Order” and The Cause despite good intentions can give rise to grave harms on an individual level/community level and global level (Approved vs Denied/Worthy vs Unworthy/Healthy vs Sick/Home vs Jail/Heaven vs Hell).  


Words compounded Build Beliefs. Beliefs Became Just & Righteous.  Individually & Collective “We” Defend!  Defend & Feel United!  

United within our given Affiliations & Associations, following Blindly-Other’s as in Them/The  One’s with the Authority to Structure The Thoughts & Beliefs.  Within the context of ‘following’ Other’s, we Expect & Accept that Our Own Knowledge is lacking and limited.   Depending & Dependent on Other’s for Order/Salvation/Healing/Wellbeing & Health/Solutions to issues; including, the purpose for our own existence.  The Freedom to Choose One’s Thoughts & Beliefs & quests for the deepest Truths/Solutions/Paths are Given-up to Other’s.   Giving-up Our Curiosity & Choice, we forget—we are no longer ‘children’ dependent on a ‘parent’. 


Giving-up Our Curiosity & Choice, we get stuck in Fear.  Fear of All Things (not limited to being Judged/Labelled/Deemed Unworthy & Unlovable & Not Enough).  


In Fear, we remain stuck afraid to take an individual step in any direction which may deviate from the established Norms of our Identified Community.    Fear being the driving force against Risk (I am not speaking of “Risks” as in unlawful or unjust behaviours for the deepest knowingness of acting in kind and compassionate manner fuels our very existence in Loving Ways).  


Without our ‘Active’ ability to Choose & Take Risks we perpetuate our ‘Victim” Mentality.  Within, the Victim Mentality we justify Other’s Dominance over ‘Ourselves’ (Victimizing Victims/Celebrating Censorship of Approved & Accepted Words & Definitions & Organized Categories/Seeking Solutions to Pain (Inner & Physical/External) from Other’s (Experts).  


Internally & Collectively, by Process of Accepting-‘We’ Collectively Integrate the Words/The Definitions/The Contexts/The Beliefs into Our Being.  Through the Integration, we Belong to Our ‘People”/Community/Organization/etc.  

In Belonging-We Feel a Sense of Collective/Sense of Belonging & Worthiness & Righteousness.  Summed up,



Order becomes a Goal within it’s own Agenda.  Order become synonym for Good/Healthy/Right=

The State & State of Feelings Accepted & Deemed to Be The Norm.  



Hang-in with me a little longer.  Agreed, Order is a good stage/phase/resting point.  However, I am pondering CHAOS.  


By Contrast, Chaos must be allowed to Be.  Chaos is a Natural State of Order!  (Please, read again:  Chaos is a Natural State of Order).   Took me awhile to Understand/Respect/Appreciate & Express Gratitude for Chaos within my life/my relationships/my community/my body.  


Chaos (as opposed to Order/Control) Unravels/Exposes Discrepancies & “Lies”/Displays to ‘us’ our Reality & 

Our Illusions/Transforms/Transmutes. Chaos in its “natural order’ Fertilizes Growth & Maturity (Despite Feeling like Death).  


Chaos, my friends, Brings Truth(s) and Inner-Knowing to Light!


Chaos is Feared.  Chaos is ‘labelled’ in negative context and systematically, we learn to Fear.  Fear is Given Power & Empowers Order=Control=Label=Segregate &

Polarizes our Thoughts & Beliefs & Actions.  


Fear of Chaos Prolongs our Suffering/Our Pain/Our Sense of Self & Other’s.  


Fear reinforces the Illusion of Safety & Imagined Protections. 


Personally, I learned, 

Fear resides within our ‘Survival Mode’.   Fear Floods our Body & Mind with a Surge of Energy/Energy needed to ‘Save’ Ourselves in a Moment of Grave Danger.  


Fear is a great catalyst to help one ‘Survive’ what presents as Life-Threatening Situation Gifts One The Power/The Will/The Impulse to Survive=Immediately Available & Accessible Fuel & Energy &The  Power to Survive (Deferring Inner Resources Away from Cognition & Feelings=Find Ourselves in a state of Flight/Fight or Freeze.  A Burst of Intense Power utilizing many of our internal resources/Cognitive Abilities; typically placed ‘off-line’ so our physical body (basic need to survive) can be achieved.  When our inner ability for Cognition is Inactive/Effected/Affected/Diminished=Unable to Think for Ourselves=One Look to Other’s to Be “Saved”.  The Saviour Outside of Self!


Friends, In-Fear there is no Love/Care & Compassion.   By extension, words/thoughts/beliefs & feelings expressed in-fear hold No Depth/Value/Worth.  

Feelings Must-Be Felt!  One must be open & able to experience for oneself-

The Full-Spectrum of Emotions/Feelings (not Accept other’s Thoughts & Beliefs & Definitions of Feelings and 

Best when One Experiences Experientially and Directly &

Only through the Process of Chaos (Discrepancies/Problems/Pain/Conflict/Grief & Anger, etc.) 


Only by facing & overcoming & processing associated feelings & transforming the difficulties of chaos into something meaningful & healing & integrating such Knowledge (Deepest Knowingness) One may with Honesty & Authenticity=

Gain The Hidden Benefits of Inner Gifts.


The Treasures understood as Love & Care & Compassion & 

Insights which became obvious in it’s simplicity & perfection of design.


Our Mind & Our Heart Became One &

Act in Harmony as An Integrated System.  


Despite Fear’s Limitations on individual growth;

The paradox,

The knowledge Learned directly & indirectly from the state of  Fear  and the Limitation/Constriction/Tension could not be Known & Experienced without the learning:

Learned from the very paradox of Chaos & dose of  Fear  becomes the contrast required to Learn & Understand & Know (Above All Else/Beyond Order & Words & Beliefs that 

Love is The Best Interest-Individually & Collectively  through

Collaboration & Compassion as our Guiding True North on Then Compass Steering One towards The Deepest Knowingness.


Friends, few basic important reminds;

Fear & Love do not co-exist! 

Fear & Love are on the opposite side of the spectrum. 

Fear & Love may be seen as positive/negative charge of a magnet.  




You are the Magnet —Choose!  

Choose Your Energy!  

Choose your Spectrum!  

Choose Your Charge!




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