Poem: The Word “NO”

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The word “No”. 

There is much conviction 

In the word ‘No’

No-clearly sets boundaries 

Carries emotions expressing

One’s needs

Expected to be said 

Loud and clear


I found myself in grip of fear


Unable to move-to speak

Unable to say one single word “No”


Mind took a lead

Dissociated Self 

From the physical side


Thoughts seemed 

To belong

To someone else

Unable to articulate

One sound


In endless pool of my emotions


With things

I couldn’t understand 




To pronounce 

The sound

One single Sound 

Word didn’t 

Pass through

My lips


It wasn’t I 

Without my desire

I watched self


Merely my cavity


Of what was


Busy mind

Noble effort 

In need to understand

Perhaps-all I had to do

Was to merely say

scream ‘no’ 

Perhaps-meaning and power

Resides within the sound ‘no’

It took me a while

To comprehend 

My reaction

Lack of action

Said a lot


I understand 

The limits

Of the word ‘no’

Betrayal of self perhaps

Turned into my being

Became friends with my rage

Watched it consume me whole

Because I didn’t say ‘no’

Weighed down by the darkness 

Of my soul

It became clear

I had to let go

The grip within 


Filled my void

Mind learned to take a rest

Welcomed break from excess of though

Comprehension became clearer

The word ‘no’

Does not need to be spoke

No-is a statement beyond The word 

No-is a feeling expressed

No-is a boundary already in place

No-is understood reaction expressed

No-is reflected in what is right and what is wrong

No-expressed without the sound

Stop-expecting to hear ‘no’

Stop-expecting  ‘no’ to remind you what is right and what is wrong

Stop-justifying abusive ways

Stop-creating context when no is not said

You know!!!!

Please-understand that the answer is in one’s ‘consent’

Please-know the word that is more profound to say and hear

Is …


I wish to share myself 

With you. 

I wish to be with you. 

I wish to express my feelings with you. 

I wish to feel your touch. 

Without my yes

An assault takes place. 



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