Poem: Divine Dance

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Poem. Devine Dance

The other day

Deep in the woods 

My arms embraced the beauty around

Bare feet on the ground

I watched my being 

Became one with

Everything around

Like the trees 

I swayed

With each gust of the wind

Respectful and submissive 

To nature’s force upon me

Letting go of everything that defined me

Trusting in the unknown 

Recognizing self

Within the dance 

So Devine

Step in-step out

Lead and being led

Receiving-sharing-letting go

But being whole

In balance

One with the Devine 

Each particle fully belonging

Grounded and supported by 

All that was-

All that is-

All that will be

Rooted in universal wisdom

Unconditional love and belonging 

How did I ever see myself as

Anything less!?

Honorata (Hon) Jones

Sept. 13, 2019

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