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Good Morning Beautiful Souls,

Wishing You a Wonderful Day of Content & Peace & Awe of The Moments Before You. 

Sometime, a year ago & when ‘lockdown’ was imposed; 

I did what others did/confession;

I purchase hoarded (Yup!  Me2). 

Though I didn’t stock up on toilet paper, lol. Relieved right!  Lol

My intention (single woman living alone) was to have available options to Explore/Experience & Play. 

I stocked up on essentials such as:

Pens & paper (a must for one writing a lot/can not run out of these). 

Essential Oils & Sage & Palo Santo. 

Photo Paper for Pic Play. 

Canvas & Acrylic Pains (a lot of acrylic pains in various colours for I didn’t know one can mix colours-I Know!  Right!?)

Painting Exploration/Experience & Play was calling-out to me for quite some time. However, I would find myself with ‘Living Life’s’ Moments with nice weather being out & ‘Feeling’ Nature. At other moments, I would find myself ‘Lost’  & Captuvated By Beauty around & somewhat excessively ‘Needed’ to Capture & Pic Play. 

“Time” seemed to Seize to Exist & often, I would find myself ‘Surprised’ by the numbers displayed on the clock. I found self, being ‘late’ showing up for visits scheduled time with friends & appointments (even missed a few). My lateness was an out of character behaviour (I had spend a lifetime scheduled & directed by The Clock/never late as I would need to early/ahead of schedule to minimize the unforeseen factors/professionalism & perfectionism rooted in my subconscious).  As I tried to maneuver through this unfamiliar behaviour, I was grateful to have most non-judgemental/accepting friends. 

Perhaps, this is what is written about Being Present & Being In The Moment-The Now. 

Today, I felt the ‘nudge’ to Paint Play. 

Lost In Time;


Time Lost. 

I Exprrienced much Joy-No Agenda & Not Attached to Outcome;

I Played for the sake of Play!

(In conjunction; exploring ‘tribal’ sounds & music). Most Awesome Conduit to Painting Play). 

Pieces are not done but I seem to ‘Know’ how they will look when done. Giving them a moment to dry so I can complete). 

Joy-I Am Feeling Joy!!!

Joy of Being!

Joy of Content & Piece!

Joy of Not Feeling Pain (in my stomach). 

Joy of Sound Vibrating into My Mind & Body. 

Joy of Colours & Colour Play. 

Joy of The Messiness -I Am Creating around me/on me. Lol

Joy of Unknown (How will this be/look when I am finished?)

Joy of Feeling & Being Aware I Am Feeling Joy!



Over the past two years, 

I have taken two painting classes. You may recall my Woods Painting & the other a smaller flower piece. 

The first painting of woods;

I was aware during the class, my piece was nothing like the other dozen pieces painted by other students who clearly had much better Listening & Following Directions Skills than I (all the other pieces/similar in appearance reflected the ‘Lesson’ Being Shared…

But, Mine!?

(Fortunately, for me; the artist teaching didn’t judge it as a negative & actually embraced as ‘good’). 

The second piece;

A Flower & naive me thought, I was going to be much more receptive to the directions/skills taught but…

Honestly, I struggled & found myself ‘Unable’ to ‘Follow’ direction & again finding self with inner-impulse to do my own thing (odd considering-I have no painting knowledge & skills). I judged myself for my poor ability to ‘Follow Direction’ & Aware this presents as a consistent theme within my life (especially, when I am In-Inner-Harmony). 

Love & Hugs.

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