Poem: The House of God. Video

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Invite into one of my mystical moments, expressed through poetry.

Though, the poem may present to express ‘religious’ words, I encourage you to ‘Hear” The Words beyond the ‘Limits’ of religion but more as Deeply Intense Inner Experience & Collection to The Universe/God or any other word you feel more comfortable in using when speaking of The Mystical (Beyond The Realm of One’s Minds).


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  1. Wow!! This is amazing dear Honorata!! I love everything about this, beautiful energy and you’re a great narrator and storyteller. Kudos!

  2. Quite lovely. My perspective of religion is different but I still relate strongly with concepts you mention like love, light, hope, and blessing. I love how you describe meaning that comes from suffering.

    These are things that come from within a person who has matured thru difficult experiences… it says much about the you.

    Thank you for sharing this.

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