New Moments in Life

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Good Morning Friends,

New Moment/New Day/New Month/New Opportunity within Infinite Potential of Possibilities.

One of My Practices is Setting Intentions.
Intentions for new day/as my eye are opening up & for interactions & my Mind/Body/Soul (Eat Healthy/Move My Body/Use My Voice/Kindness & Compassion towards Self & Other’s/Present Moments & Forward Moments). Within this ‘practice’ @ The Core is to Do All Things from The Heart/Soulful Centre (Nothing out of Obligations & Expectations). Through this practice (still learning & rewinding my Default Setting); I am Honouring & Loving Myself. By extension, I am honouring those who I share my time with as it comes from a ‘Loving/Caring/Present & Attentive’ Place.

Intentions can be extended & incorporated into all aspects of One’s Life. I have set intentions for Using My Voice for my greatest benefit & extending this feeling towards other’s through sharing poems/short stories & pic play. Despite understanding, my ‘Thing’ may not be for Everyone; the intention is set strongly & soulfully & rooted in a deeper knowing that it Will Offer Support/insights/Build a Community of Likeminded Soulful Support. On the other side of the spectrum, my intention is to ‘Trigger’ & Stop Another to Reflect/Investigate their Thoughts & Beliefs! My intentions are not to Change or Control or Impose my Thoughts & Beliefs & Feeling but to Create a Safe Forum to Collective Challenge Ourselves & Compassionately Support One Another & To Normalize the difficult conversation. Normalize Feelings as All Powerful & Important vs viewing them from a polarized perspective (good vs bad/express vs numb/suppress/disconnect).

Intentionally extend an Invite to join me on my journey & Learn/Unlearn/Support Spiritual Growth & much more).

Join Me!


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