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Reminder, to myself, perhaps:

Healing is a process and on going intention to strive towards inner-harmony.
Healing is not an end goal to reach but rather a journey of inner observation/inner discovery/inner awareness.
Healing comes in waves of awareness/new knowledge/new skills/new guides & teachers & lessons along the way.
Healing requires an honest intention and a desire to change oneself/situations/states of mind and ones tribe.
Healing demands one does the difficult work and look at oneself and the role one plays/or not within one’s own life.
Healing demands one explore and sit with one’s emotions/raw emotions (deemed/labeled as ‘good & bad’).
Healing calls one out on inner hypocrisy.
Healing requires/demands one looks at one’s own thoughts and beliefs and actions in a critical manner.
Healing needs time/space/being ‘alone’. Difficult task for most as we are so integrated within our relationships/agencies/communities.
Healing gives little gifts along the way though. It helps one see themselves as raw/emotional/good & bad/soulful and righteous/caring and selfish/truthful and shamefully hiding parts of themselves/warrior and victim.
Healing creates compassion for oneself. A sense of understanding and knowing that one has done the very best one could given their circumstances/traumas/imprinted thoughts & labels & beliefs.
Healing allows and gives one permission to Love-Self.
Healing embraces everything-the past-the present (the pain/joy/‘mistakes’/accomplishments/life lived/life suffered and struggles).
Healing gifts one the ability to stop (or at least minimize) one’s inner-critic/judge of self worth.
Healing comes in trickles and in waves. One doesn’t quite reach the ultimate goal but one learns to be-in-the moment and know that is just okay somehow.
Healing requires unlearning thoughts/beliefs that are no longer applicable/true/helpful.
Healing demands learning new skills and practicing them.

The past few weeks, I have found myself ‘triggered’ in a number of situations. For me, it means feeling out of harmony within myself/out of inner balance. It presents as if my life is ‘fragmented’ and there is no flow. As if, when triggered, my default system (that’s what I call the old thoughts/the old belief system/the labels others imposed upon me or I have imposed on myself from a place of low self-worth and sense of feeling ‘unlovable’). Though on a cognitive level, I am aware of much personal growth/my intentions-at times, I find myself back in that ‘false’ cycle of belief system and I am unable to get ‘unstuck’. I have learned though, this is an actual symptom of Complex PTSD (layers and layers of past trauma/learned coping skills). Also, I have an inner knowing now/intuitively, I know, it’s like a wave and it will pass.
My tribe knows, in this space, I tend to withdraw and focus on self care.

I share with you, so you may find peace in knowing healing is a journey/a journey worth taking. It’s an investment in oneself and like an investment, one needs to give time for the return/profits.

Hugs & Love My Friends.

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