Your Body is An Armour!

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Good Morning Beautiful Friends,

So, I have heard, some ‘spirituals’ referencing to our physical body as an ‘Earth Suit’.

On first impression, okay, it seems valid. Yet, the part of ‘Me’ that enjoys to ‘ponder’, needed more reflection.


Allow me, to offer a different imagery & opportunity to redefine how we may perceive & term our physical body in contrast to ‘earth suit’.

Allow me, to suggest, our physical body is not merely an ‘earth suit’ or at minimum, it is much much more.

Our physical body is an Amour!

An Armour forged from heavy metals (literarily,  Star Dust & the very same particles that make up the universe).




Unbreakable & existing in physical form.

Shield of Protection; ensuring & designed for our survival.  Strong enough to repel intended damage towards one. Vulnerable enough to let in essential  particles of Water/Light to seep through the cracks.  Perfectly Designed and Individually Fitted (each one slightly different then the other-Unique in its formation).

An Armour, heavier/more powerful/more grand/more versatile/more & much more than the ‘earth suit’ implies.

As with everything of Value, you/you & I, get to Decide & Choose how we Take-Care of this Valued Gift.

Choices;  You & I, We Choose how to Care for our Own Armour.

One can Choose to Care & Respect & Treat it with Care and to Shine our Armour! 

Or, let it Rust & Hide Self behind the layers of build-up and Judging Self & Others and wondering ‘why’ the Light doesn’t reflect off one.

Or, fear &  resist change and growth.

One always has an Opportunity for Endless Possibilities & Potential. From within Your Armour, you can Consciously Choose to grant yourself time for observation and reflections.  

You can Choose that which resonates within you & adopt to new challenges.

You get to Choose whom you let into Your Armour’s Space and share/offer them the gifts that are held within.  

Please, be reminded, not everyone that wants your attention or love is worthy of that gift (discern within and from a loving heart).

Loving Yourself sets many wonderful things into Order (Boundaries/Self Respect/Self Worth).

Always Remember or Remind Yourself: 

You are Worthy of Pure & Unconditional Love and You are Enough (heck, You’re so much more than enough-You are an Integral Part of Universal (Devine/God) Design! 

Once, You have Grounded Yourself in this Knowing. You will through this True Deep Knowing ‘Know’’ of your interconnection/connection; healthy interdependence on others.  You see even within our Armour’s We are Stronger Together; within a community of like-minded Soldiers of Life.

Caring & Supporting & Kindness & Love are not only Healing on an Individual Level but on a Global!

Friends, allow me to Remind You & Empower You.

 You (You & I) are the Soldiers of Life & Living within our Armour.

You Journey through & within Your Life is meant to Polish Your Armour & make it Shine & Reflect to other’s their Beauty!

You are Powerful!

You are Strong!

You are Resilient!

You are Multidimensional!

Hugs & Love!


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  1. Wow….This is powerfully written ! We need to respect, nuture and care for our bodies and love it the same way our Father ???? and desires a strong body to walk around in, talk through, look through our eyes…..Therefore, much attention should be given to make the very most strong beautiful free body !

    I have witnessed, myself included, too much emphasis on the spiritual part followed by a huge quest for knowledge, equipping the mind to become One with Christ, our bodies deserve the same attention, to be loved, freely shown to the world, knowing its ultimately His body to walk around in !

    This one really moved me ! Can you tell ? Lol Thank you for sharing your writings here. A true treasured blessing ????????????

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