Love is Never Wrong

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Good Morning Friends,
Healing comes in cycles (circular & ongoing) and doesn’t move along a linear time frame (as current psychotherapy suggests, ie. 5/6 to process loss/betrayal/abandoned of marriage for example). By extension, there is no one singular point of ‘Origin’ (yes, for example; the separation/divorce-presents as a singular point/the trauma & the ‘Breakdown’ of Oneself). The response to the event are more of an accumulated ‘Effect’ & Affect’ on One (A Collage of ‘All Past’ Betrayals/Abandoned/Loss/Grief/Helplessness, etc. Compounding-The Complexity within The Healing Journey.
The Complexity demands a Holistic (Physical/Body & Cognitive/Thought/Mind & Spiritual & Soulful) Approach to Healing. Than, Need to Integrate & Harmonize All these aspects within Oneself. Making Healing; Time consuming/Demanding/Focused/Intentional/Experimental/Exhausting. Within the established Business of Living its hard for most to carve out the Time/Attention/Energy/Intentions/Healing Practices towards Oneself & Healing. The sad truth; most of us are Wounded by our past/individually/collectively/ancestry. The Pain has been stored within our very physical bodies & the stress responses merely validate it’s effectiveness.
Today, I put my feet & ponder;
My Sense of Inner Responsibility to ‘create’ open-dialogue on the difficult issues, including, engaging self in yesterday’s ‘Religious Beliefs’ towards gay individuals. I hold so much passion within my heart to speak-up against the Pain/Injustice ‘Directed’ towards this community.
My predominant thought as a fellow human being:
Wrong is Wrong!
Creating Intentional Pain is Wrong!
Using God as ‘Justification’ for One’s Hate & Bigotry & Ignorance is most difficult to comprehend!
Shielding One’s Wrong/Evil doings through protective cloak of ‘Religious Status’ is Manipulative & Controlling & Harmful!
Acting/Following/Being Complacent in Perpetuating Harm/Victimization/Abuse are obvious responses of One’s Culture/Community indoctrination & from a place of Fear. Fear of Condemnation or Hell/Not Being Accepted by said-institution/Experiencing the very same pain imposed on sections of One’s Community.
Ignorance/Inability to ‘Have’ Sympathy (Awareness) is No Excuse. How can One ‘Move’ towards & ‘Have’ Empathy (Ability to Sense Another’s Pain), if One has not even mastered Sympathy!? I’m not even going to speak of Compassion (Grows/Nurtured through One’s Senses & ‘Beyond’ One’s Sympathy & Empathy!
My predominant thought as a mother of a gay son:
I Love my son!
I See & Know & Feel his Perfection in Himself (as a most Devine Being that He Is).
I Desire a Kind & Compassionate & Supportive & Inclusive & Non-Judgemental World for him to ‘Experience’ the Beauty of Life & Living & Feeling Alive without needing to armour up with defence mechanisms/stress responses/mental & physical & spiritual & soulful harm!
I Invite You;
Please, do have a peak at Your Thoughts & Feelings & Beliefs & Actions towards someone who’s sexual orientation is different than yours.
Investigate all aspects to Confirm/Deny their Validity for You-Now …& if you reach a level of Loving & Compassionate Awareness & Insights—Within this Deeper Knowing-You’ll Know with Certainty that all imposed ‘Dividers’ created & perpetuated & systemic-between You & Another play absolutely No part in Love/Loving Kindness!
Grateful to Everyone who takes a stand against Hate & Bigotry & Oppression & Ignorance!
Grateful to All who were ‘Taught’ to Hate & Discriminate & Be Homophobic and have Challenged their old Thoughts & Beliefs and Redefined how they Perceive & Feel & Behave-Now. You are the Champion of Change!
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