Funny Moments in Life

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Funny Moments in Life
@My Happy Place.
So, one of the first things I do when I get here is pick-up any litter & place it in a garbage bag. I secured the garbage bag to my lawn chair as for some reason the garbage bin was removed. Well, the garbage bag looses it’s tie & starts drifting towards the lake. In my panicked effort to reach it before it drops into the lake, my hat catches the wind and flies into the lake. Yup, I rescued the lake from unnecessary pollution but lost my hat:(
Well, lost the hat-only briefly.
You see, when silly things happen to me they tend to be ‘witnessed’ by others & offer entertainment. lol
Today’s hero’s, a group of lovely fishermen came to the Rescue; they caught (fished) my hat & brought it to me! Declined the boat ride though. Lol
How Awesome is that!?
Great way to make new friends.
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