Today’s Challenge

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Today’s Challenge:
Each and Every Day gives us opportunities to share/gift Kindness. Each and Every Kind Gesture & Word & Act holds infinite possibilities for the receiver.
Do You See-how powerful You are!?
Interesting, how easily ideas come to mind when one holds kindness as an intention & a desire to support another. Today, I am hopeful these words & pictures reach those in need of knowing-someone Cares.
Hugs my friends.
Do share a word or act of Kindness, many suffer not knowing someone cares.
(Envelops packaged with Words & a picture-Dropped off at Owen Sound Hospital for those on the Mental Health & Geriatrics floors. Addressed to ‘To You’ in effort to make a personal connections. Pictures with message ‘Hugs’. I did sign the words & pictures with my name; knowing they do not know me or will know me but to make it personal).
Curious, as to what will inspire me to share/gift next month. Lol
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